Each of Our Candles are 100% Hand-Poured Soy Wax – Made in the USA

Journey of MyCandle

At myCandle, we lovingly craft each candle with personal hands-on attention and care in the Carolinas. We know that each creation is its own work of art to be cherished, shared, and enjoyed.

There are many details that go into making our candles a premium product.

As you learn the methods of our quality craftsmanship, you will discover that creating the perfect candle for you is a finely tuned balance and harmony of many parts.

Here are just a few steps we’ve taken on your behalf.

Fragrance Selection

We work directly with US-based fragrance houses who are experts in creating appealing scents, oils, and perfumes. Working directly with them, we develop a blend of scent and mood for our candles.

For us, selecting the fragrance is more than just the way it smells. We measure its emotional connection. How does it make you feel? Does it bring back memories from childhood and the sense of adventure that come with them? Is it soothing? Comforting? Does it remind you of the beach, hiking in the forest, or a beautiful vacation?

Once we have decided on the fragrances we consider offering, we look at how that scent interacts with the wax and the flame. We look to see how the scent’s character is revealed over time. We consider how the bouquet fills the space.

Fragrance Infusion

Even a perfect scent can become overpowering or underwhelming. Some candle makers will infuse their candles with very little fragrance. This may smell appealing in the store, but can disappoint when lit. Some go the other direction preferring to pile in low-cost perfumes that can overwhelm you.

myCandle arrives at the perfect balance of scent for complete enjoyment. Subtle enough to accent the space, strong enough to fill it. We test various ratios and mixtures of the fragrance over time. We do various ratios to get it just right.

Color Selection

Once a scent has been selected and crafted, myCandle couples it with a shade of color that will be home decor friendly to complement your home and style without being overstated. Pops of pink and teals for summer and attention to seasonal offerings using cranberry reds and evergreens. We see every candle as an artistic creation to blend and accent your home in a subtle way.

Wax Selection

The type of wax used is extremely important to the character of the candle. We use premium soy blended wax that burns evenly, complements the selected scent and allows for fragrance to shine through cleanly.

Wick Selection

There are numerous kinds of wicks. Braided cotton, wooden, not all wicks are created equal. Nor does every wick work with every candle, shade, and fragrance. Extra time is taken to marry the wick to the vessel to the fragrance to the wax. We study and refine the consistency and burn rate of the wick and fragrance-infused wax.

Vessel / Glass Molding

The shape of the vessel can affect the burn rate and the amount soot created. The candle needs to mature over time consistently for even burn and long lasting fragrance. myCandle develops it own custom molds for the glass. The glass must meet or exceed the heat resistance recommended. We use high quality, durable glass tested for temperature changes and maximum heat resistance. Vessels are inspected by hand and any glass with impurities is rejected.


We know that candle lid completes the package. We design the lids with a brushed aluminium finish to complement the quality of the candle.

Wax Pouring

Wax poured too fast leaves bubbles in the candle and if the cooling is raced, the color can become uneven. By taking our time and not racing the pour nor the candle’s natural cooling we ensure that the tone has a clean finish with even color throughout. Wicks, set by hand, ensure that each is straight and will burn evenly.

Burn Lab

When you think we are finished, we are just getting started. We test each candle design in a specialized “burn lab” which is a closed room where we measure the candle’s quality. There are about thirty tests for each candle. We test the flame, any possible soot, consistency, scent, safety, and the overall excellence of every step.


Sometimes, as with any real craft, you need to start over and rethink the creation or refine a step or two. We do that. Good enough is not good enough for us. myCandle crafts your candle to perfection.